Competition Nails | Sculptured Acrylics | Extreme Length (Stiletto) 


May 30th @ 11am (footage will be available to view for 14 days)

2+ Hours 

+ including exclusive content (Sculptured Butterfly Nail Design)


You will learn:

- Form fitting (forms for extreme lengths)

- Sculptured Acrylics (one bead application)

- Structure (apex building)

- Shaping (extreme stiletto length)

- Nail art (glitter encapsulation for extreme lengths)


More info:

- If you miss the live masterclass, don't worry! The footage will be available for 14 days for you to watch. 

- This masterclass is private and only available to those who have purchased it.

- It is recommend that you join in the live video so you're able to ask any questions you may have and get as much out of the experience as possible!

- Payments are non-refundable. 

- Once purchased, you will be emailed a link to follow and it will take you to the private Instagram account where you can view the live video on May 30th. 
- As part of your purchase, you will recieve discount codes for nail supply stores. You will also recieve a link to keep and view online exclusive content on "How to: Sculpt a butterfly nail design".

- There is no time frame on how long this masterclass will run for. It'll be packed full of info whilst Laura-Jane demonstrates how to sculpt extreme length sculptured acrylics, perfect for competiton nails including glitter encapsulation! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Laura-Jane on Instagram or email 


Hope to see you there! xx