Hi, my name is Laura-Jane...


I'm 26 years old, born and raised in Perth with a Burmese and Polish background. I've been surrounded by a big family full of love and support, all my life! I've been with my partner since we were 15 years old and my family is everything to me. I also have two beautiful but crazy dogs (Jenko and Willow) and whilst I'm totally obsessed with everything beauty and NAILS, I'm very passionate about developing the nail community in Australia but closely, in my hometown Perth! I want nail technicians to be noticed, paid their worth and included in the beauty industry more! We're always forgotten about and there's a bad stigma towards acrylics/nail salons and a close minded thought that being a nail technician is an "easy" job/hobby! So, I'm here to prove everyone wrong!

 I studied at Perth College of Beauty Therapy 7 years ago and gained my Cert II in Nail Technology. Since then, I started out doing my friends and families nails then unexpectedly developed into working as a full time - self employed nail technician! I always had the dream of working for myself as a beauty therapist but I fell in love with nails and the nail industry itself, very quickly! So instead, with all my hard work, dedication, passion and love for the nail industry, I've grown and developed my businesses as a one woman show - this is something I'm very proud of!

I'd call it my empire, built from the ground - up!

 Since 2018, I've been fully booked with a regular client base and I'm now into my 3rd year of being fully booked! Between being a small business owner, operating my home salon and working with 50+ clients per month, somehow I still managed to find time to put my "self-taught" sculpting skills and techniques to the test! I've entered into international nail competitions, engaged with nail technicians all over the world and the crazy world of social media has been a massive part of my success! Since joining Instagram around 2017,  I have worked hard and gained a large following of 10k+ across my social platforms. My presence on social media has not only allowed my business to flourish but has given me the amazing opportunity to be in touch with celebrity nail technicians from across the world and be recognised by international brands that I've collaborated with and held an ambassadorship with - which had me involved in building their brand here in Australia too!


I have even had the opportunity to guest spot in salons across the globe including Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and I definitely plan to continue to grow my skills working alongside international nail technicians in the future!


Although I'm new to being an Educator/Mentor, it has quickly become a passion of mine to help my fellow nail technicians in building their businesses, helping make their dreams come true and even taking on new nail technicians under my wing! I pride myself on being well organised, confident and knowledgable in my industry so that I can deliver the best training and mentorship to each and every one of my students as possible! 

Anyway, that's all from me! You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more of an insight to my life and my career as a nail technician! 
Thank you for reading - I hope that this gives you an idea of the journey I've been on as a nail technician and now an Educator. I'd love to hear from you, if you have any questions, queries or you'd like to book in training with me to start your new journey as a nail technician too, then you can contact me here. 

Much love, Laura-Jane :) xoxo